Karen Rands is joined by Dr. Calvin Goforth on this episode of The Compassionate Capitalist Podcast Radio to discuss their approach to identifying breakthrough innovation to build and fund companies around.   As the co-founder and CEO of VIC Networks, Dr. Goforth has extensive experience in start-up company development.  To date, VIC has formed 14 portfolio companies based on some of the most promising of these technologies, raised over $140 million in capital, and is expanding to additional sites across the United States.  By 2020, VIC will be forming ten high impact healthcare technology companies each year.  While VIC’s main focus is on forming healthcare related companies, they also have founded companies in high impact areas such as clean water, food safety, and automotive crash safety.

Listen & learn about the VIC Network's formula for success for assembling the teams that can take an idea, validate it, commercialize, and generate profitable operations from it.  Both entrepreneurs and investors will benefit from listening to Dr. Goforth describe VIC Networks philosophy and best practicies for startup success and return on investment.   To learn more about VIC Network, visit: https://victech.com/

Karen considers Dr. Goforth and what he has built with the VIC Network as the living breathing example of Compassionate Capitlism > A Compassionate Capitalist invests time, knowledge, resources and money into entrepreneur endeavors to bring innovation to market, creating jobs for the community and wealth for all those involved. Karen's book Inside Secrets to Angel Investing is the foundation for bringing more investors into the Compassionate Capitalist Movement she launched in 2008.