Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, continues her Money Hunt series by exploring the role of the Elevator Pitch when entrepreneurs seeking angel investors.
Entrepreneurs work hard on their business plan, their investor pitch deck, and structuring their deal, often over looking one of the most critical components of preparing for and attracting investment capital.   Investors will decide in the first 90 seconds whether they want to even give that passionate entrepreneur even another 10 minutes of their time and attention.  Mastering the elevator pitch, whether used during a Fast Pitch event or as part of networking for investors,  is critical to communicate what you are doing and why an investor would or should care.   There is a formula for an effective elevator pitch that can penetrate the subconscious of the investor mind to address their inherent doubts and fears.
Tune in to hear the insights Karen Rands will share during this half hour segment.   The information offered here are highlights from the Fast Pitch Workshop Karen offers in Atlanta.
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